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Business Plan

The Polyfen Group LLC
Est. 2018

1. Overview

The Polyfen Group LLC is a business parent to multiple brands related to software development and the creative industry.

We explore new ways of using tech in creative projects.

The company was founded in 2018 by Boris Hrnčić —Argentinian-Croatian, art director and product designer— with the support of colleagues sharing the same passion for building something we can be proud of.

The stock is 100% independently owned by the team with no dependency on investors or any other kind of external funding.

Our location-independent business model takes advantage of the latest advancements in technology to work seamlessly with a fully-remote team years before the Covid pandemic made it the new normal.

2. Our Purpose

The Polyfen Group exists because we wanted to create a company that aims to offer each team-member their dream job.

We believe that focusing on developing a team culture that we can be proud of provides the ideal environment to grow, innovate, and push the boundries of what we can do.

3. Our Values

3. Our Brands

Most of our attention focuses on Polyfen, our creative agency. However, our full portfolio of brands include:

3.1. Polyfen


Creative agency offering design, marketing, and software development services for new and emerging businesses.


3.2. Poly Atlas

Poly Atlas

Open-source step-by-step guide to the Branding process, including practical tips, case studies, template files, and many other useful resources.


3.3. Poly Forum

Poly Forum

Non-profit organization dedicated to promoting free and open education and professional growth in the creative industry.


3.4. Poly Cookies

Poly Cookies

Open-source solution to privacy policy implementing a cookie consent banner with Google Tag Manager.


3.5. Poly Qwerty

Poly Qwerty

Your keyboard's assistant. Click on a character to copy it.


3.6. Poly Nucleus

Poly Nucleus

Open-source design system... in early development. Very — early — development..